"I have been paving a path different than most. I have been focused on gathering ears  and connecting with people instead of how big of a venue I can pack full of fans. This path has brought me so much happiness . I am thankful to every single one of YOU who found my music and stayed loyal and gave me this beautiful life . I will keep traveling and keep meeting you as long as you care to hear my voice . See you soon ON THE ROAD" -DAWN BEYER






Debra Sheridan "Faces of HNC is honored you support and perform at all our events, for years!!. Everyone is always blown away by your songs, the way you sing them, the insight, honesty, and at times, irony, for how your songs became what they are. Everyone is enchanted, always." 
Wendy Jungbauer "YES, YES, YES, YES!!!! *raises hand and giggles*  ;-) I'm not sure how to even begin to express the excitement and amazement of seeing and hearing you perform in person. WOW!  :-O Watching your Facebook live sessions are amazing, but there's no comparison to feeling your presence, seeing your passion and hearing your amazing voice in person. Having you sing at my 50th birthday party was the BEST PRESENT EVER! You command attention with your personality and talent. You could have heard a pin drop in the room as we were all drawn into your performance, completely mesmerized by you. In fact, I don't think I moved from my chair the entire time. I would highly recommend you for any special occasion or event. In fact, I'm working on getting you back to Colorado as soon as possible. I don't even listen to the radio anymore because 90% of the music I hear doesn't even compare to your originals. Keep singing and sharing your stories! We are all blessed by them!"


Amy Comer "Yes yes I did get to meet you. Drove a little over 2hrs to Vancouver,Wa might not have been that long but it felt like longer.lol I was so excited and nervous but you made everyone feel comfortable as soon as you walked in (when you said I don't shake hands I hug ).And your performance was 100x more amazing than on FB or on CD. Didn't get a chance to talk much but when we did you were so kind, funny and all around awesome❤   thanks for always being so sweet and down to earth. #isurpportindependentartists #Listener4life "

Crissy Selvage "Yes you've been to my home to sing for me. I invited Jonathan Lumpkin to drive up here to be with my family to hear your wonderful voice. Which now Jonathan is part of my crazy family. Lol You and Brittan decided to listen to your GPS and came through real banjo playing, one lane country roads. I could see you and Brittan was scared when you got here. Lol But that didn't stop you from grabbing your guitar and blowing us all away. Even though my family had not been listening to your music as long as I had, they fell in love with you. I will never forget the priceless moment when my 4 year old grandson walked up to you to say "hey I love your songs and he loved your voice". He knows talent when he sees it!  🙂 I couldn't help but sing with you lol your soul just shines through when you sing, because you play from your heart. It was the best birthday I have ever had. I loved meeting you and meeting Brittan and her precious 2 children was a bonus. But I encourage everyone to book you for a private event. They will never regret it. I have no words for the kindness and love I felt from you and Brittan. You both are amazing ladies. We will be booking you again! Hopefully by then we will have the house finally finished from the tornado and can have more room and the pool open for the kids. Lol Dawn Beyer your simply amazing at what you do and who you are. For that single day I was the happiest I've been since I became sick. Thank you for filling my life full of love and joy! I can never repay you for the amazing music and friendship you brought to me and Bo that day. I believe Jonathan Lumpkin had an amazing time as well. It was a true treasure to see the smile on his face the whole night."  


Tajia Topham Beavers "Why yes, I have had the pleasure of witnessing you live and in person in Bedford, Texas at your album release party. My son, Brandon and I had such an amazing time. THEN to top it off, you came to MY hometown (Livingston, Texas) and blessed me and my friends with a private show. The next morning we went to The The BULL SHACK, our local coffee shop and did a Facebook live and you sang a few songs there. So, yes I am addicted to you Dawn Beyer. I have to explain to anyone reading this that you, your brother and sisters and your mother are truly amazing, down to earth, loving, soulful people! It just happens that Dawn has an amazing, mesmerizing, reach to the depths of your soul kind of voice! I am FOREVER a huge fan!! Sooo, if any of you are considering booking Dawn for one of your events, DO IT!!! You will NOT be disappointed!!!"
AJ- "I really wanted to do something nice for my fiance, Faye, for the day of our wedding. Unfortunately, Dawn was booked for the day of the wedding. Then I found out that she was willing to come to campgrounds for private parties. I contacted Dawn on June 30th about coming up to Ohio on July 15th for Faye's birthday. She said she was available and I was able to get her booked! She worked personally with me to get flights booked and how to get everything taken care of because I have never done this. She made the process so much easier than I thought it would be. Once Dawn got to the campground it was such an amazing experience. She was so warm and welcoming, it was like a friend walked in. She played all of Faye's favorite songs down to learning one I asked her to play for her. I personally am not a country music fan, but Dawn's talent is unreal and she has an amazing voice. She made me like country that day... but shhhh don't tell anyone! I highly recommend booking Dawn it will be the best decision you've made. I can't wait to book her for another private party!!"
"Dawn and Whiskey Jack Untz played our 3rd annual girls weekend in Lavallette, NJ. This year we had 12 women, 11 of whom were new to Dawn's music. I discovered her music just six weeks before she came to play for us. Having her there was a dream come true. She played a mix of originals and covers. She played to the mood of the crowd, which was relaxed and silly, by playing Conference Call and I Blocked You (Facebook song). She also took my requests, including Unfold and All I Know. Dawn and Jack were so friendly and funny, and took time talking to us before and after they played. They also signed some cd's for us after the show. They make beautiful music together, and they made the night so special. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Dawn is incredibly talented, and I hope we can have her back next year!"- jen Glaser *review from Dawn's private event this past weekend in jersey shore **.