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Sag Harbor Album.PNG



  1. Sugar rush
  2. Storybook love
  3. Rock n roll cowgirl
  4. Hazard in the occupation
  5. Going on 19/ Mimi's song
  6. Dance in the silence 
  7. Where your heart tells you to go
  8. Take my heart for a ride
  9. Alcohol
  10. Honey + bonus track

"On September 23rd of this year I got to go back to the town I was born in and sing in front of all my family and their friends- and friends of my mom and dad. I got to sing "Mimi's song" in a place where she spent a lot of time and with her son and daughter in the audience . I got to share the stories and just laugh and sing with no idea it was being recorded .. I think what I found listening back is that I like not knowing I'm being recorded and not having to think about it or worry about it. This is the result of that.

I did nothing to this recording and it won't sound perfect because it's just raw and live but I feel like YOU guys want real.. so here it is.

I hope you enjoy the experience of me just being me and singing my songs.

I would like to mention and thank the cowriters on a few of the songs on this album.

Marshall Hunt - "where your heart tells you to go"- thanks so much for your friendship and guidance and for the songs birthed from us just doing what we love.

Sherri Baskin - "alcohol" what a song!! Thanks for sharing and opening up so that this song could be born

Thanks to brea lawrenson for her cowriting on "honey"

And to Gabe marshall for "in our memory" - what a fun night that was !! Moonshine and music ❤️

TO YOU- the listeners -Thanks for listening, supporting, and being part of my journey and my awakened dream" -DAWN

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