BEYER’S BACKSTAGE BAR 3 shows/ 2 days


BEYER’S BACKSTAGE BAR 3 shows/ 2 days


May 2020.....

THE MOST VIP EVENT I’ve ever announced...

We are welcoming a very small group to our home for 2 days/ 3 shows at BEYER’S BACKSTAGE BAR. This will be an event that you have to request access to. This is available to those who have seen me LIVE in person 5 times or more !! This is my way of saying THANK YOU to those who have made it to the most shows!

Where: Boise , Idaho

When: last weekend of may

Included in ticket: three shows / 2 days

Accommodations : this will be up to you! There are lots of places to stay near us and we have town in walking distance !

Ticket includes:

Saturday morning : coffee and country (breakfast included )

Saturday night: taco bar and concert

Sunday morning : coffee and country (I’m making coffees! 🥰) *breakfast included *

All alcohol will be included. I’m making drinks 🥰 (everyone is required to take Uber home or walk lol).

I believe this will be the most intimate show yet. Our home was one of the first farm houses in Boise , Idaho and there’s a certain kind of magic in historic homes. I want to have YOU at our home to sing for you in my happy place.

Price per person : $800 per person with 15 person limit .

Because there will be a very very small amount of spots available for this, Please send in request to if you would like to attend this event .

We are so excited to invite you into BEYER’S BACKSTAGE BAR!

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