"Independent Artist group founded by the artist" 

 #therealnashville  is a group with no labels, no GENRE , No molds, just great music made by music lovers.

 The real nashville independent artist group is designed to reveal to the world the singer songwriters of Nashville, Tn and all around the world whose relationship to music has always come before their relationship to fame.

I feel honored to know these people of Nashville and beyond, and to take part in the launching  and sharing  of this massive ever-expanding project.

Being an observer of the Nashville community, I've met people who I would consider to be some of the greatest writers and most talented musicians of all time. Artists, who refused labels that wanted to change them, playing at the same bar for 10+ years.

I've seen, met, and heard the storytellers who live fully through every song -- the ones who give it there all, all the time, whether they are playing to 1 person, hundreds, or thousands.

I call them the "UN-compromised" -- the underground community of people you haven't heard yet because they refuse to lay down their authenticity.

Dawn Beyer, the founder and creator of The Real Nashville, is one among  many of the underground artists of Nashville. Her passion for music is effortless and her commitment to the power of song is rooted deep through her own experiences.

This group is completely built on people's love for true music. Without the growing fan base, The Real Nashville would not be.

Keep Dawn Beyer, and The Real Nashville on track -- stay connected, share the music, and play your part in the rise of the UN - compromised.

An Observer

"I am super thankful, humbled, and grateful for all of you who click on my live feeds, share my music, visit the website, and support my friends of The Real Nashville. I am truly happy because I'm able to do what I love and provide the space for others to do the same. Without each of you, that wouldn't be possible. I would be in some cubicle somewhere wishing I could be playing my guitar and drinking whiskey.
 I love you all."🤘🏻 - Dawn Beyer (singer-songwriter and founder of The Real Nashville)